Books Collection Donated by Late Dr. Anis Sayegh Family

Birzeit University Library has received a collection of library books donated by family of late Anis Sayegh. The collection contains more than 6,000 titles that cover various academic, intellectual and political topics.
Library director Ms. Diana Sayej Nasir expressed her appreciation to the Sayegh family, saying: "Birzeit University considers this precious gift of books and magazines as best example of giving to the next generations.”
The late Dr. Anis Abdullah Sayegh (born on 3 November 1931 and died on 25 December 2009), was a Palestinian researcher, writer and thinker. He headed the Palestinian Research Centre/Palestine Liberation Organization.
Sayegh studied Political Science and International Relations at the American University of Beirut (AUB), where he graduated in 1953. Some years later, he discussed his Ph.D. dissertation entitled “Pan-Arab Thought in Egypt during the 19th Century˙” at the University of Cambridge, where he served as a lecturer in oriental studies.
Sayegh has published numerous articles in various newspapers (e.g., al-Hayat, al-Nahar and as-Safir) and magazines. He also published several scientific and political books on history and public affairs. After 1978, he focused his activities on the release of the Palestinian Encyclopedia (al-Mawsw‘a al-Filist¯ıniyya), whose development lasted for about 12 years.