Birzeit’s Faculty of Education participates in an International Conference on Teachers' Education at the University of Helsinki

As part of the promotion of international cooperation and exchange of experiences, the Dean of the Faculty of Education of Birzeit University, D. Refa’ Al-Rahami, together with Professor Fatma Mohammed, Acting Head of Curriculum and Education, and Dr. Ayman Abdul-Majeed, Project Coordinator and Researcher at the Dean's Office, at the conference "Re-imagining Teachers and Teacher Education for Our Future", organized by the UNESCO Network on Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity, hosted by the Facof Educational Sciences.

This participation is part of the Finnish-Palestinian Cooperation Project "OLIVE", which allowed the Faculty of Education team to present approaches and comparisons on e-education in Finland and Palestine. The workshop addressed challenges and opportunities related to education under war and colonial contexts in Palestine versus stable conditions in Finland.

On the sidelines of the conference, the college team held fruitful meetings with experts and professors from the University of Helsinki, where it was agreed to develop future research and academic partnerships, including exchanges of students and professors, to promote university education pathways. It has been announced that a future work event will be organized to discuss the prospects of this partnership.

This effort is part of Birzeit University's commitment to broaden the prospects for education and academic research, and to strengthen international cooperation in the field of teacher education, thereby contributing to raising the level of the educational process and achieving social justice and diversity.