Birzeit Welcomes International Youth Camp

Birzeit University hosted on November 28, 2016 the first International Youth Camp, organized by the Higher Council for Youth and Sports, and in cooperation with Camden-Abu Dis Association.

More than 160 youths from 25 different countries gathered at the university, and learned about the university's history, journey and the current challenges and obstacles that face higher education and Palestinians in general.

The Vice President of Academic Affairs Henry Giacman underscored the university's belief in the importance of youth as an investment for the future. He pointed out the wide range of programs that the university offers to encourage students' innovation, creativity and the value of voluntarism

Giacman said that the university works extensively with its peers from the academic community and the private and public sector to help prepare students to respond successfully to the challenges of Palestinian society and the global economy in general.

The Public Relations gave a brief about the university's history and educational journey. The Coordinator of the Right to Education Campaign Sondos Hammad spoke about the main challenges that face the higher education sector in Palestine due to the Israeli Occupation and constant violations.

The Director of the Palestine and Arab Studies Program (PAS) Tina Rafidi briefed the audience about the purposes of the program and its benefits for foreigners. She encouraged them to apply to learning the Arabic language and experience the Palestinian history and culture.

Representing the Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission, Qasem Awwad talked about the Israeli constant aggression against Palestinians, their lands and properties. He alluded to the role of the apartheid wall and the settlement and colonization expansion in hindering the process of building an independent Palestinian State.

The Head of the Students' Council at Birzeit University Ahmad Al Ayesh talked about the students who are now imprisoned by the Israeli Occupation, pointing out the to the Israeli's constant raid to campus and confiscating the university's properties and the students' council belongings.