Birzeit University Wins Several EU-Funded Tempus Projects

The Birzeit University Faculty of Information Technology won an EU-Funded Tempus project to develop an academic program (Minor) in computer "Serious Games." Moreover, the Faculty of Engineering won two EU Tempus-Funded projects, the first of which to develop a MSc. program in electrical engineering, and the other to develop a mechanical engineering curricula on the maintenance of vehicles on streets titled: “Career-Oriented Curricula Development for Road Vehicle Maintenance.”
The IT fund amounts to 1.5 million Euros for a period of three years, in which seven universities are participating: Birzeit University and Al-Quds University in Palestine; Sfax University Sousse University in Tunisia; as well as three European universities namely: the University of Aachen in Germany, University of Stockholm in Sweden and Utrecht University in the Netherlands.
The parties involved in the mechanical engineering project are: Birzeit University, Palestine Polytechnic University, Khadouri University and Hisham Hijjawi College, in addition to four European universities, with a total budget of 800,000 Euros.
The electrical engineering project “Developing a MSc. program in Electrical Engineering” will be implemented in partnership with Palestine Polytechnic University, Khadouri University, private sector institutions including Jerusalem Electricity Company, as well as a number of European universities. The project is expected to assist the exchange of experiences between the participating universities and develop a MSc. program in the Birzeit University Faculty of Engineering. The total budget of this three-year project is approximately 750,000 Euros.
"Tempus", which is funded by the European Union, aims to build a network between the participating universities, whether Arab or European, in order to activate cooperation among them.