Birzeit University to Support Undergraduate Student Research Program

The Birzeit University administration has decided to allocate part of its research budget to support undergraduate student research projects conducted under the supervision of teaching staff or mentors.
Vice President for Academic Affairs Adnan Yahya said that the university has allocated JD 1,000 for each research project, and will annually support at least 10 high-quality student research projects originating in various faculties. "Looking to the future, the university seeks to increase the number of subsidized research projects, as we would like to hold a scientific conference for undergraduate researchers where students can present their findings by the end of next academic year."
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Wael Hashlamon said that the deadline for research grant applications is mid-April, after which a special committee of faculty and staff members will review the applications and announce the results before the end of the current academic year. Those students selected will start work by the 2013/2014 academic year or during the summer session, depending on when the student and his or her supervisor are available.