Birzeit University Students Invent Gilding Printer

Birzeit University Mechanical Engineering Department students have invented a new printer capable of printing in gold, or gilding, with less effort. The printer was developed as part of a graduation project that was supported by LasermaxPrinting Solution.

Students Adnan Khater, Malik Iqtate and Ali Barghouthi, under the supervision of department chairperson Professor Ibrahim Hammad, presented the project entitled, "Gilding Printer" at a public event.

Printing in gold is one of the most difficult and expensive types of printing in the local and regional market. "This printer solves one of the biggest problems faced by workers in the printing field here and in the region, which is the inability to gild or print in a glossy golden color that does not lose its luster over time,” Hammad explained.

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The Barghouti said that the team had “created an appropriate mechanism so that publishing houses don’t need to get rid of the mold after the printing process is completed." Khater continued, saying, “Once we provide the suitable heat and pressure on the area to be printed in gold, the difficulty in gilding is resolved, and we are able to help the local and regional market.”

Iqtate gave credit for the innovation to the university and the department. He said the new invention should proliferate due to its low cost, high efficiency and divergence from conventional manual methods.

The discussion was attended by Lasermax project manager Husam Muslit and Faculty of Engineering Dean Afif Hasan, as well as a number of faculty members and students.