Birzeit University Staff and Student Stop Classes in Support of Lebanon

Today Birzeit University academic staff and students stopped classes from 12:00 PM in protest of the latest Israeli bombings of Lebanese infrastructure and Lebanese civilians. The strike was preceded by a gathering of students in front of the student council building where representatives of student blocs and a representative of Birzeit University academic staff spoke on the situation in Lebanon and Iraq.

The speeches expressed the support of the Palestinian people and the Birzeit University community to the Lebanese people and the movement against the Israeli occupation of South Lebanon.

A press release jointly issued by the Birzeit University student movement and the Employees Union called for the Syrian and Lebanese governments to reunite the Arab front in facing the Israeli occupation and allow the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to be able to join the Lebanese movement against the occupation. The press release also underlined the need for Arab unity against the blockade of Iraq.

Following the speeches, some participants at the rally headed to the nearby city of Ramallah carrying signs condemning the United States support of the Israeli occupation of Lebanon and the sanctions imposed on the Iraqi people.

The Student Council Deputy President (the President of the Student Council was arrested 10 days ago by the Israeli military) - told Birzeit News, "We were inspired by the actions of the Lebanese student movement and this event is an expression of support from the Palestinian people to the Lebanese people and our brothers and comrades in the student movement in Lebanon. We share the same destiny and the same enemies. We connect the issues of Iraq and Lebanon together by the fact that the United States is imposing the siege on Iraq and also supporting the Israeli occupation of Lebanon and Palestine."


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