Birzeit University Scientific Publications Rank First among Palestinian Universities

Refereed publications of Birzeit University have achieved the highest number of citations and H indexing among local universities, found a special study carried out by the Deanship of Graduate Studies at Birzeit University.
"The study was conducted in order to examine the size and quality of the research published so far by Palestinian universities via the international database SCOPUS, which is one of the largest international databases for refereed scientific publications,” said the Dean of Graduate Studies at Birzeit University Talal Shahwan.
“We found out that Birzeit is the top Palestinian university in quotations taken from refereed scientific research, with a total number of citations of 5,063, H index of 33, and average citations per publication of 8.34."
The study included data on scientific publications issued in Palestine between 1996 and 2012. When ranked by country, the results showed that Palestine is rated 110 internationally, and 12 among Arab countries in terms of the total number of scientific refereed publications.
Despite various difficulties and constraints, the number of refereed scientific articles issued by Palestine is steadily increasing, reaching 384 in 2012, compared to 280 articles in 2009 and 45 articles in 2000, with basic, medical and biological sciences as the leading research areas.
More information on the study is available here