Birzeit University Represents Palestine in Several International and Regional Moot Court Competitions

The Birzeit University Faculty of Law and Public Administration is greatly concerned to support its students’ who participate in various international and regional moot court competitions, in which the students always excel. Recently, the faculty won the first place in the contest, which was organized by the Law Faculty at the University of Qatar during 5 - 8 April 2015.

Moreover, another Birzeit University team has participated in the Jessup international competition, held early April 2015. The team was trained by the faculty member at the Birzeit University Law Department Dr. Hala Shuaibi, whereas the team competed with a number of universities, including the University of Qatar, University of Paraguay, University of Texas and the Center for Trans-national Legal Studies, a branch of the Georgetown University in London.

The arbitrators in various arbitration committees have commended Birzeit University students, who participated in international competitions, and also highly valued the representatives of the Palestinian universities in the three contests.