Birzeit University Receives New International Students

Birzeit University received on June 11, 2014 a new class of students enrolled in the Palestinian and Arab Studies Program (PAS). The PAS program offers international students the opportunity to combine study of the Arabic language with social science courses about Palestine and the Arab world.

Eighty students from various countries are enrolled in this semester’s PAS program. The new students were given a tour of the campus to allow them to get acquainted with its faculties, facilities, institutes and centers.

PAS director Ahmed Azm briefed the new students on the specialized courses in the Arabic language that are offered by the program, including culture and history and Palestinian and Arab politics.

Right to Education Campaign coordinator Maher Mansour spoke to the students about the university’s history and the constraints imposed by the Israeli occupation on education in Palestine.

For more information about the PAS program and its offerings, see the universiyt’s website at