Birzeit University prepares to hold 4th International Staff Training Week in June

The External Academic Relations Office prepares to hold the fourth International Staff Training Week on June 5-9, 2023, at Birzeit University, Palestine.

The main purpose of this professional gathering is to welcome colleagues and international partners for a week of presentations and discussions on a wide range of issues related to the ERASMUS + program and other bilateral agreements.

During this week, participants will share knowledge and experience, enhance shared values, develop mutual future collaboration and gain an in-depth knowledge of Palestine and its language and culture through tours around the country.

A comprehensive detailed program, including a series of thematic workshops, lectures, reflections on the Erasmus + ICM students and staff mobility, success stories and examples of good practices in teaching and training, will be sent later.

More than 20 people from Portugal, Spain, Malta, Lithuania, Germany, Brazil and South Africa participated in the Third International Staff Training Week held last year on May 23-27.