Birzeit University plants land to support “Student Fund”

Students at Birzeit University celebrated World Tree Day on January 19, 2016, spreading a message for a greener world. The event seeks to create a productive and income-generating project that will benefit the “Student Fund”.

The event was organized by The Voluntary Work Office at the Deanship of Student Affairs, and the Ministry of Agriculture- Ramallah Directorate.

The Dean of Student Affairs Mohammad Al Ahmad said that “olive trees carry more than an economic significance in the lives of Palestinians. They are  symbolic of Palestinians attachment to their land. They represent Palestinians resistance and resilience.” According to the Dean maintaining a tradition of planting trees, specially olive trees, empowers the students attachment to their lands,.

Voluntary Work Coordinator Ghada Omari said that planting will maintain a health ecosystem that will provide economic, ecological and social benefits. “The revenue from selling olives, and olive oil each year will go to support the Students Fund”, she explained.