Birzeit University, Palestine Islamic Bank Discuss Cooperation

Board chairman of the Palestine Islamic Bank Mohammed Fayez Zakarneh visited Birzeit University on April 8, 2013 to discuss areas of cooperation between the bank and the university.
Attending the meeting were Vice President for Advancement Ghassan Khatib, Vice President for Financial Affairs Bishara Dabbah, and Advancement Office Director Manal Isa, as well as the bank’s director of the Internal Audit Department Samer Mafarjeh.
VP Khatib briefed the guests on the university’s history, faculties, facilities and students, as well as its academic infrastructure and scientific research. Khatib spoke about the cooperative education program that was recently adopted by the university, which combines students’ education with practical work during their study years and is of vital importance for both students and labor market.
Zakarneh expressed his admiration for what the university has accomplished under these difficult conditions and said the bank was prepared to offer a helping hand to its students. He commended graduates’ success in their working life, noting that a large number of the bank’s staff are Birzeit graduates.
Dabbah overviewed the financial situation and presented several scenarios for areas of cooperation, most importantly initiating a flexible student-lending program.
Isa offered a briefing on the Advancement Office and how it seeks to achieve the university’s vision and objectives by promoting cooperation between the university and the community, while fundraising and establishing long-term relations with local and international organizations and individuals.