Birzeit University Organizes Student Volunteer Activities

Birzeit University’s Deanship of Student Affairs, through its Voluntary Work Office, organized on October 13, 2014 several activities in order to promote the culture and spirit of volunteerism.

The first activity, entitled "Friend of the Elderly," was conducted alongside the Arab Women’s Union to boost communication between generations. Students aim to support the elderly socially and psychologically by visiting them regularly, reading newspapers and novels to them, accompanying them to public parks, and sharing their concerns.

A "Start with Yourself" activity encourages a sense of responsibility towards university facilities and its cleaning staff through ongoing campus cleanup campaigns.

The third activity, "Old Hearts Flourish When the Young are Enthusiastic,” was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs to promote student volunteer work that revives the values of assistance and social solidarity. Students visited retirement homes, bringing with them an atmosphere of fun and entertainment.

"We organize such volunteer activities as part of our role in community service, and these activities are basically students’ initiatives, hosted by the Deanship of Student Affairs to polish students’ mentality and refine their attitudes,” said the Dean of Student Affairs Mohammad Al-Ahmad.

Volunteer work coordinator Ghada Omari said that efforts are coordinated between the university and various ministries and partner institutions to support and encourage youth initiatives in volunteerism and their positive impact on the community.