Birzeit University Meets with Hebron Craftspeople

The Birzeit University Architectural Engineering Department held on April 3, 2014 a preliminary meeting with craftspeople and owners of traditional industry workshops in the City of Hebron to acquaint them with the project “Cultural network for the Mediterranean to promote creativity in the fields of arts, handcrafts and creative design.” The project, a part of MEDNETA, aims to revive communities in historic cities.

The meeting was attended by the chairman of the Architectural Engineering Department Mohammed Abdul-Hadi, project manager Shadi Ghadban, and representatives of traditional industries, artisans and sponsors.

Ghadban presented the EU-funded project, its objectives, and the various dimensions of traditional crafts and industries in Hebron, where the project aims to revive these crafts and arts in historic cities located in the Mediterranean basin, and develop the historical architectural environment suitable for reviving these crafts.

Ghadban said that the project will include meetings and workshops with workers in these industries in Hebron to evaluate and analyze the industries, and develop mechanisms for growth. Ten industry models will be developed for marketing locally and internationally.

Ghadban added that the project expects to rehabilitate the Old City of Hebron to house the project, and the area is expected to become a hub for the development of traditional crafts, housing a museum for these industries.

Prior to this meeting, a number of meetings were held by the project team upon visits to the Hebron Municipality, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee to discuss all aspects of cooperation on the project.