Birzeit University, Local Institutes Work to Improve Traditional Crafts in Hebron

Birzeit University will be working with civil society to promote the productivity and creativity of traditional crafts and revive the Old City of Hebron.

Represented by President Abdullatif Abuhijleh, the university's Department of Architecture signed a November 28, 2016 agreement with the Municipality of Hebron, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Traditional and Tourism Industries Association, Hebron Rehabilitation Committee, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Hebron.

Through local, civil and international partnerships, the agreement will strive to raise the skill level of local craftsmen and women in the Old City of Hebron, standardizing their production methods, and improve products quality. Moreover, the agreement will take measures to introduce these traditional crafts into the regional and international market, which will improve the economic wellbeing of producers and ensure the preservation of the delicate environment upon which their livelihood depends.

Abuhijleh emphasized the vital role of traditional industries in promoting Palestinian identity and culture, and its ability to attract tourists in a way that would revive the Old City of Hebron, which is being violated continuously by the Israelis.

According to Abuhijleh, the university will work jointly with its partners to offer opportunities for talented craftsmen and women to enhance their skills, and master artisans, stimulate their creativity, and better experience the benefit of working as craftsmen.

The ceremony was attended by the dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Khaled Abaza, the director of the Office of External Relations Amir Khalil, the chairman of the Architecture Department Yazeed El Rifai, and Architectural Engineering professor Shadi Ghadban.