Birzeit University Launches Anti-Smoking Campaign

As part of an overall campaign called “Birzeit University is Green," the campus on April 27, 2013 launched a drive to eliminate smoking on campus. The move is aimed at protecting students, staff and the environment from smoking’s harmful effects.
Vice-President for Administrative Affairs Adel Zagha said that the decision complements an earlier one by the university to ban smoking inside university buildings. "We want to move forward in the process of eliminating smoking on campus and inside buildings, and we intend to allocate special places for smokers,” he explained.
The Voluntary Work Section at the Deanship of Student Affairs will supervise the campaign, which will continue through to May 1, 2013 in cooperation with the Institute of Environmental and Water Studies (IEWS).
IEWS director Maher Abu Madi said of the campaign, “The main concern of IEWS is to improve environmental conditions at Birzeit University, given their impact on the health of students and staff."
"We have been always keen on cooperating with the university’s departments in the implementation of health awareness-raising activities,” said Acting Dean of Student Affairs Mohammad Al-Ahmad.