Birzeit University Kicks Off New Course in Strategic Communication

The Birzeit University Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies, working with the Palestinian Government Media Center and in partnership with the British Council and British team support, launched on September 20, 2014 a course in “strategic communication” that was attended by nearly 30 participants from the public and private sector.

The course offers 40 hours of training, divided into two months, and aims at equipping a specialized Palestinian group with professional communication skills up to international standards. The course includes lectures and seminars conducted by Palestinian and international experts, professors and academics.

Institute director Abdul-Karim al-Barghouthi explained that this course is expected to provide communication skills capable of putting Palestine’s best face forward. He said that those enrolled in this course will be qualified to earn a diploma in related programs to be offered in the future, which will benefit workers in the diplomatic corps and international media.

Vice President for Development Dr. Ghassan Khatib said that Birzeit University pays special attention to strategic communication, and seeks harmony between local and international communication methods. He said that the program is a precursor to a specialized diploma in strategic communication.

Government Media Center Director Ehab Bsaiso also addressed the group, saying that the launching of this outstanding program aimed at developing communication skills in the workplace would not have succeeded without the concerted efforts of the partners.