Birzeit University joins international foray into relations between mitochondria, health, disease

MitoEAGLE project, of which Dr. Johnny Stiban is a part, aims to discover effect of evolution, age on mitochondrial function ​

Dr. Johnny Stiban, chair of the Department of Biology and Biochemistry at Birzeit University, has engaged in an international workshop on standard operating procedures for respirometry with peripheral mononuclear blood cells and platelet count, held at Lund University in Sweden. 

The workshop, part of the MitoEAGLE project, brought together over 20 international experts on bioenergy, hematology, and mitochondria to produce a manuscript that serves as a reference on mitochondrial function in health and disease related to evolution, age, gender, lifestyle, and environment. 

Stiban, who represents Palestine in the MitoEAGLE project, visited Lund University as part of the Horizon 2020 program, a new research and innovation program launched by European Cooperation in Science and Technology.