Birzeit University Honors Outstanding Faculty and Staff Members

Represented by its President Dr. Khalil Hindi, Birzeit University and its Council honored on June 18, 2013 the student Nawras Kurzom, who received Yousef Nawas Creativity Award for 2013, and the student May Abbas for winning Gabi Baramki Award of Excellence.
Kurzom is a distinguished arts student, who excelled in creative writing and music, in addition to composing musical pieces.
The student May Abbas at the Faculty of Nursing, Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions has been honored for her excellence in the academic field, community service and voluntary work.
Moreover, the director of the President’s Office Mr. Isa Masriyah, was also honored for his long years of dedicated service, as he was offered the university plaque for the year 2012 -2013. Also two members of the University Council namely: Dr. Adnan Yahya (Vice-President for Academic Affairs) and Dr. Maher Hashweh (Dean of the Faculty of Education) were also honored, since they have completed their service at the University Council to go on sabbatical.
Dr. Hindi stressed that the university will permanently give attention to talented students and attract creative students. He also commended the efforts of the honored faculty and staff members, wishing them a successful future.