Birzeit University Grants Scholarships for 1948 Palestinian Students

Birzeit University has bestowed 16 scholarships on Palestinian students from Israel, of which 25 were enrolled last semester. The scholarship program is part of the university’s efforts to encourage Palestinians who are Israeli citizens to study at Birzeit University.

The scholarships were presented to the selected students by donors Ghazi Abu-Nahal and Walid Abdo to the students.

"The university seeks to encourage 1948 Palestinian students to study at Birzeit, and their admission is based on their average in the Bagrut[Israeli] matriculation,” said Deputy Vice President for Academic Affairs Wael Hashlamoun.

Hashlamoun added: "Over the past year, Birzeit University has contacted and communicated with institutions, municipalities, individuals and schools in 1948 Palestine for this purpose, and will seek to intensify its efforts to increase the number of enrolled 1948 Palestinian students."

New student Nawar Geljuli, who is majoring in speech therapy and hearing, said that Birzeit University has space to accommodate everybody, offering an exciting social life and high level of teaching.