Birzeit University to establish on-campus student dormitories

The dormitories are equipped with a full suite of amenities and include on-site facilities and services

Birzeit University, together with the Taawon organization, signed an agreement with the Saudi Fund for Development that would establish fully-furnished dormitories for around 500 female Birzeit University students. 

The dormitories, housed in three buildings with a total size of 12,00 square meters, will provide students with safe and suitable housing options on the university’s campus. In addition to the dormitories themselves, the project will also provide a wastewater management and recycling unit that will repurpose wastewater for irrigation of green spaces around the buildings. 

The project will serve to facilitate the movement and mobility of Birzeit University students who come from distant areas, especially in light of the Israeli Occupation’s closures and sporadic checkpoints. 

“We will continue to improve the experience of students here at Birzeit University, especially female students, who constitute two-thirds of the total student body,” said Birzeit University President Abdullatif Abuhijleh.

One standout feature of the new dormitories is the integration of services and facilities within the buildings themselves, providing students with all amenities needed to flourish and excel at their studies. 

“The project was fully funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, underscoring its importance to the well-being and development of the university’s students,” said Tafeeda Jarbawi, director general of the Taawon organization. “This is a quantum leap with regard to meeting the needs of Birzeit University’s students.” 

The dormitories are part of a slew of development projects carried out by the Saudi government in different parts of Palestine. The projects intend to bolster Palestinian resolve and steadfastness in the occupied Palestinian territories.