Birzeit University to cooperate with Latvian building college in architecture

A delegation from the Riga Building Collage in Latvia, represented by Ines Rital and Prof. Sandra Svicka, recently visited the Department of Architectural Engineering at Birzeit University to discuss prospects of cooperation in the field of renovating and preserving old buildings.

During their meeting with the Director of Eternal Academic Relations Amir Khalil and professor of architecture Samar Al-Nazer, the delegation were introduced to the academic programs and extracurricular activities to enhance the university's involvement in the international academic community.

The delegation later met with the Head of the Department of Architectural Engineering Yasid El Rifai, in the presence of the professors Mohamed Abdel Hadi, Shady Ghadhban and Samar Al-Nazer. They agreed that cooperation would offer exchange opportunities for students and academics, in addition to holding workshops on the renovation and preservation of old buildings.