Birzeit University continues the celebration of its 43rd cohort

On June 24, Birzeit University continues the commencement ceremony of the 43rd cohort of students. University President Abdullatif Abuhijleh, members from the board of trustees, faculty, staff and the students’ families celebrated the graduation of the students from the Faculties of Arts, Science and the Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions.

President Abuhijleh congratulated the students for their success. “The graduates we honor today arrived here with aspirations about what education could make possible. Our graduates are now equipped with real life experience, knowledge and the spirit of creativity and innovation.”

“Our remarkable students and professors continue to bring Birzeit University to the forefront of international excellence,” Abuhijleh added. “Research carried out by the students Dureen Samandar Eweis and Fida’ Abed, under the supervision of the head of the Department of Biology and Biochemistry professor Johnny Stiban, was taken as a model on the BBC program ‘Trust Me, I’m a Doctor.’ This international accomplishment has to be recognized and appreciated.”

The research studied the effects of carbonated drinks on human weight. The result of the research implicates carbon dioxide gas in soft drinks as playing a major role in inducing weight gain and the onset of obesity via ghrelin release and stimulation of the hunger response in male mammals.

During the ceremony, the university recognized Asad Toum, a staff member in Birzeit University’s Main Library as the Employee of the Year. The award is presented to staff in recognition for their exceptional job performance and distinguished contributions to the university community. Toum has created a custom-made book scanner that digitizes the library’s un-scanned material. 

Rahaf Al Rimawi, a graduate from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions, spoke on behalf of the graduates, expressing his pride and happiness at completing this journey.