Birzeit University Condemns Storming of its Campus by Israeli Occupation Forces

In continuation of its barbaric aggression on our people and national institutions, the Israeli occupation forces stormed Birzeit University’s campus in the early morning hours of Thursday 19 June 2014 in direct violation of the sanctity of our university and a blatant attack on the right to education and the freedom of education guaranteed by international conventions and law.

Birzeit University views this attack as very dangerous and a barbaric intrusion. We deplore the conversion of its academic facilities to military barracks, as well as the confiscation of its student property, in addition to wiping out the eastern and western gates, searching parts of the Faculty of Science building and attempting to force open administrative offices.

The University calls on the international community and human rights organizations to condemn this belligerence and put an end to Israel’s defiance of the fundamental rights of our people and its violation of the sanctity of our universities.

Birzeit University confirms that these attacks will not deter our commitment to higher education, and the pivotal role we have played since its establishment.

Birzeit University will remain a university for all Palestinians, with their diverse ideas and various political schools of thought. Our students will continue to be distinguished intellectuals and leaders in their communities. The provocative measures taken by the Israeli occupation will only lead to a greater conviction and commitment of the university community, academics, staff and students, to the values of freedom, justice and democracy.