Birzeit University Condemns Israel's Break-in to its Center of Continuing Education

In continuation of its lawless aggression on our people and academic institutions, Israeli occupation forces stormed the Center of Continuing Education, a Birzeit University center located in Ramallah, in the late hours of Sunday, January 29 2017.

Birzeit University expresses its deepest concern regarding this belligerent military attack. This is part of Israel's broader systematic policies of undermining Palestinian academic institutions and infringing on Palestinian freedom of education.

This is a direct violation of the sanctity of our university and a blatant attack on the right to education and the freedom of education guaranteed by international conventions and law.

A number of armed Israeli forces stormed the center late at night, smashing in the main door of the center, and searching several objects that were inside it.

The Israeli occupation has waged an extensive campaign against Palestinian universities over the last two years. In June 2014 and January 2016, it raided Birzeit University and confiscated the contents of the student bloc offices.

The university calls on academic institutions and human rights organizations to immediately demand a stop to these raids and violations, and actively engage in supporting our struggle for liberation.