Birzeit University condemns the Israeli occupation's abduction of two of its students from its western gate

Birzeit University condemns the abduction of Saleh Hasan, the Student Council President, and Omar Zalloum, the Secretary of the Sports Committee in the council; by the Israeli Forces dressed in civilian clothing. They were abducted at the moment of their arrival at the western gate of the campus, after being attacked and held at gunpoint along with the university’s guards, and then they were taken to an unknown location.

The university sees this as a grave threat to the lives of its students, and a threat to their academic careers. It is a continuation of the Israeli occupation’s systematic crimes against students and academic institutions, especially ones of higher education.

Birzeit University strongly condemns and deplores these violations, and the deploying of Arabists to violate the sanctity of the higher education institutions; it appeals to the international law and academic institution to advocate for Birzeit University  and the higher education institutions, for these violations hinder the academic process, and the academic and humanitarian performance.