Birzeit University Celebrates 41st Summer School Commencement

Birzeit University has announced on August 27, 2016 it's summer 2016 graduates from the 41st batch. Nearly 2200 participated in the commencment ceremony.

University president Abdullatif Abuhijleh, members of the University Council and the graduates' parents gathered to celebrate with the graduates.

Abuhijleh congratulated the students and their parents.  "The spirit of achievement and special responsibility has defined this campus ever since it was established." He continued "Now the university embraces 8 faculties that offer a wide number of diverse programs for undergraduates and graduates."

Abuhijleh alluded to the recognition that the university was abel to attain locally and internationally for its academia, innovation and liberal values.

"Knowledge is replacing other resources as the main driving of a nation's growth and the foundation for individual prosperity and social mobility. In Birzeit we are keen to continue offer the best in higher education and prepare our students for their future journys", he continued.

At the end of the ceremony, Abuhhijleh read off graduates’ names as they were handed their certificates.