Birzeit University Celebrates 39th Commencement

On June 26, 2014, Birzeit University celebrated the graduation of a new class of students from the faculties of Graduate Studies, Business and Economics, Science, the Faculty of Nursing, Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, university Board of Trustees Chairman Hanna Nasir and members of the board, university President Khalil Hindi, faculty members, high-ranking officials, graduate students and their parents.

President Hindi called upon graduates to practice two virtues in their lives, first the virtue of persistence and determination in knocking at the door of success, and second the virtue of imagination, since science, literature, art, invention, innovation and creative solutions only result from imagination. Hindi added that, nationally, it is necessary to set free our imagination, even in the darkest of times and the most difficult of circumstances, to imagine a bright future for our country.

Prime Minister Hamdallah told the audience he valued the essential role of universities in Palestine in providing a national mission in terms of skills and capacity-building to encounter challenges and difficulties, which eventually contribute to state building.

"The government’s mission is presently focused on ushering in the educational process and developing the quality of education,” Hamdallah said, “which requires further development of human resources to become our human capital.”

In an annual university ritual, Nasir awarded an honorary doctorate to Palestinian businessman Sameeh Darwazeh for his outstanding initiatives in community and economic development in the Arab world and for his generous support to Birzeit University. Nasir added that Darwazeh has funded the establishment of the pharmaceutical industries institute at the university, covering the construction costs and modern equipment. The institute will focus on pharmaceutical research, in order to develop the pharmaceutical industry in Palestine.

On behalf of Bachelor of the Arts graduates, student Maa’th Natshe delivered a speech in which he emphasized students’ pride in Birzeit and sent a message to the brave prisoners in Israeli prisons. Student Samira Awawda presented the speech to graduates from the Masters of the Arts program, underscoring the skills and knowledge that they gained from Birzeit University during their study years.

The following day, Birzeit University celebrated the graduation of the graduates of the remaining faculties of the Arts, Engineering, Education, and Information Technology, as well as Faculty of Law and Public Administration.

During the ceremony, an Award of Excellence was granted to outstanding employee Jamal Al-Tameezi from the Faculty of Engineering, who said, in his acceptance speech that after working at Birzeit University for more than 30 years, he had found no better workplace.

The Outstanding Teacher award was granted to Tina Rafidi from the Faculty of Arts, who said that her nomination for this award signaled success of her mission.

Finally, Faculty of Information Technology student Nadeen Handal gave a speech on behalf of BA graduates, calling on her colleagues to be a model in achieving the university’s mission.