Birzeit University bolsters Brazilian connections with Ambassador Candeas’ campus visit

Alessandro Candeas, the Brazilian ambassador to Palestine, discussed research and academic cooperation between Brazilian universities and Birzeit University in a meeting with university president Dr. Abdullatif Abuhijleh on Tuesday, June 29, 2021. 

In the meeting, attended by Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Khalid Swaileh and External Academic Relations Officer Dr. Amir Khalil, Dr. Abuhijleh gave a brief overview of Birzeit University, discussing the programs it offers through its nine faculties and the community engagement efforts spearheaded by its 11 institutes and centers

Abuhijleh also highlighted the values that guide Birzeit University’s community, including freedom of expression, which is particularly reflected in the annual Student Council elections, and sustainable development, which figures in the planning and execution of all teaching, learning, and community engagement activities at the university. 

Stressing the importance of collaboration between higher education institutions, Abuhijleh outlined the university’s academic and research cooperation efforts locally, regionally, and internationally. He noted that Birzeit University is an active member of academic affiliations and exchange programs that allow its students, faculty, and staff members to gain a unique perspective both within and outside their fields. 

Ambassador Candeas discussed opportunities for exchange and cooperation between Birzeit University and Brazilian higher education institutions, explaining that universities in Brazil, which can be divided into state, federal, and private institutions, can establish joint research projects with Palestinian universities in a multitude of fields, especially Middle East and Islamic studies. 

At the end of the meeting, Abuhijleh and Candeas agreed to develop a framework for cooperation through bilateral talks with Brazilian universities, with plans for joint research projects, conferences, and modules.