Birzeit University and Grand Challenges Canada Explore Cooperating on Health

The Chief Executive Officer of Grand Challenges Canada (GCC) Peter Singer visited Birzeit University on November 25, 2013. Dr. Singer met with faculty members to introduce GCC’s programs and the nature of projects funded through submission of proposals.
Singer spoke about GCC, which is funded by the government of Canada and is dedicated to supporting bold and innovative ideas on global health in low- and middle-income countries.
Singer said that GCC supports innovative projects through the following programs:
• Stars in Global Health program that aims to support the most pressing global health challenges. The program provides funding for an average of $100,000 over duration of 18 months.
• Women and Child Health, which focuses on saving the lives of pregnant women and newborns and provides a maximum of $270,000 for individual projects with a timeline of two years.
• Global Mental Health.
He said that innovative ideas may come from individuals, but the project proposal should be submitted by an institution.
At the end of the meeting, Dr. Singer answered questions by the attendees.