Birzeit University to add three cutting-edge degree programs in September

Birzeit University expands its undergraduate and graduate programs by launching a bachelor’s degree program in strategic communication, a master’s program in law and information technology, and a Ph.D. in mathematics, starting in the fall 2022–2023 academic year.

The first major—strategic communication, offered by the Department of Media—synthesizes the professional practice of public relations and branding, with emphasis on developing cohesive and purposeful communication strategies in crises.

Mohammed Abualrob, chair of the Department of Media, said that occupations in the communications and public relations fields are on the rise. That is why, Abualrob continued, the new program will provide students with the opportunity to develop expertise in dynamic communication strategies, to create impactful content, and to implement promotional campaigns for companies and institutions.

Adding to its 36 master’s degree programs, Birzeit University’s Institute of Law will implement a degree in law and technology to answer the challenges of a technology-driven society. “The main driver for us was that we are increasingly finding the need to equip students with the legal knowledge and skills of scientific analysis to answer questions on how law and technology relate to each other,” said Reem Albatmeh, director of the Institute of Law.

The first of its kind, the master of law and technology at Birzeit University will provide students with a legal background the opportunity to build a foundation and hone their expertise in technology law, allowing the students to stay up to date with brisk advances in technology.

The 36 credit hours include courses discussing cutting-edge issues in tech law, such as digital forensics, human rights, and IT, and helps students find innovative legal solutions around regulations in privacy protection, cybercrimes, cryptocurrencies, intellectual property, and artificial intelligence, among others.

Birzeit University will also begin offering its third PhD program in mathematics, the first two being PhDs in social sciences and computer science. The new degree will equip students with the knowledge and skills to break theoretical ground in various mathematical subfields and encourages teaching mathematics in secondary and higher education institutions.

Comprising 54 credit hours, the program will be taught by professors and researchers from the Department of Mathematics in the Faculty of Science, in addition to visiting instructors from Palestinian and international universities. As part of the PhD program, assistantships will be provided to academically exceptional students. 

By the 2022–2023 academic year, Birzeit University will offer more than 120 academic programs: bachelors, masters, PhDs and diplomas, within its nine faculties and eleven institutes and centers, for more than 15,000 students.