Birzeit Students Council Elections Announced Polls to be held on April 17, debate on April 16

The student movement at Birzeit University is preparing for the annual student council elections, to be held next Wednesday, April 17, 2019.

Five student blocs will compete for 51 seats. They are Martyr Yasser Arafat, The Democratic Progressive Student Pole, Al Wafaa Islamic Bloc, Student Unity Bloc, and the Progressive Student Union.

This year, the preparatory committee has announced, the blocs will present their platforms on April 15 and the student debate will be held on April 16.

At the most recent meeting of the elections preparatory committee, held on April 10, 2019, the student movement signed a compliance agreement which states that no student bloc may misrepresent or intimidate any other candidate in any way. The movement also agreed to maintain the university’s reputation, laws and regulations throughout their campaign, debate and voting processes.

Dean of Student Affairs Mohammad Al Ahmad said, “This agreement was signed to assure that the university elections shall be fair, transparent and compliant with university laws. Our students agree to participate in a democratic process that encourages diversity and to engage with wide-ranging perspectives based on liberal values.”

Birzeit University’s student council elections represent the principles of democracy and liberty among all students and council members. The values of freedom and justice that these elections uphold align with Birzeit University's vision that the university is as a platform for integrity and transparency in Palestine.