Birzeit professors hold transitional justice conference in Paris

Professors partner with Institut Universitaire Varenne, explore democratic transition of power

Professors from the Faculty of Law at Birzeit University organized a conference on transitional justice in the Arab world together with Institut Universitaire Varenne. The conference was held on May 14, 2018, in Paris. 

The conference examined a multitude of themes with interlinking political and legal facets, such as the democratic transition of power, challenges of democratic transitions of power in the Arab world, constitutional justice, geopolitical aspects of transitional justice, and the International Criminal Court and Palestine. 

Additionally, transitional justice and transition of power experiences from Eastern Europe, Greece, Argentine, South Africa, and Rwanda were showcased and analyzed at the conference. The attendees also reviewed cases of Arab countries such as Tunisia, Libya, Morocco. 

The conference also shed a spotlight on the Israeli Occupation’s constant violations of international law, especially violations that fall under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. 

Attending the conference from Birzeit University were Dr. Yaser Amouri, dean of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration; Dr. Mustafa Abdul Baqi, chair of the Department of Law; Dr. Abderrahman Ibrahim, an assistant professor of political science; Dr. Mahmoud Dodeen, assistant to the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration; and Said Kalil, an instructor at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration. 

Jean-Pierre Massias, chair of Institut Universitaire Varenne also attended the conference, along with Majali Pays, director of the institute; Emily Kompaz, a political science researcher; Julie Joven, an attorney at the International Criminal Court; and Eric Millard, a professor of law at the Paris-Nanterre University.