Birzeit Professor contributes in international conference at New York University

Dr. Lena Meari presents her paper to widespread acclaim at 'The Latin East' conference 

Acting director of the Institute of Women’s Studies at Birzeit University, Dr. Lena Meari, participated in a conference entitled "The Latin East," held at New York University on April 27 and 28, 2018. 

The conference was organized by the North American Congress on Latin America, the Middle East Research and Information Project, and Jadaliyya – an ezine produced by the Arab Studies Institute. 

Dr. Meari presented her paper, “Reading Che in Colonized Palestine,” which revolves analyzes and draws inspiration from revolutionary Latin American texts. She traces the study of Latin American revolutionary texts and testimonio literature, which were translated into Arabic, by Palestinian strugglers and prisoners in the Zionist prisons during the seventies and eighties. 

Her study also follows the political relevance of reading revolutionary texts today among new generations of Palestinian youth.

The paper concluded that “reading and discussing Palestinian and Latin American revolutionary texts, it seems, has the potential to carve politics of revolutionary hope and conviction that liberation is possible—a conviction that is dormant, but not dead, in the mindset of Palestinian strugglers.”

Lena Meari is an assistant professor at the Social and Behavioral Science Department at Birzeit University and is the acting director of the Institute of Women’s Studies.

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