"Birzeit" Participates in an International Conference on Human Resources Management in Public Higher Education Institutions in Tempus Partner Countries

On 18-21 June 2013, Birzeit University participated in a conference on human resources management in higher education institutions, organized by the European Union to promote cooperation between European universities and universities in the southern Mediterranean.
The Human Resources Department Director Farid Irshaid said: “Such conferences contribute to the development of Palestinian expertise by getting exposed to international expertise in human resources management, in addition to the possibility of obtaining funded training opportunities for the administrative and academic cadres of Palestinian higher education institutions."
The conference entitled "Erasmus for all" was held at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, and was attended by 150 experts in human resources management and officials from the European Union and other different regions. Irshaid addressed the financial crisis faced by the Palestinian higher education institutions, as well as the difficulty of attracting visiting Palestinian academics or professors to Palestinian universities.
The conference addressed several themes, most importantly: human resource management of administrative, technical and academic university staff, as well as mechanisms for providing training opportunities for staff of Palestinian higher education institutions in partnership with European Union universities.
Tempus Programme:
Temous is the EU’s external cooperation programme that has been supporting the modernization of higher education systems in the European Union’s neighboring countries for over 20 years. The number of partners countries involved has changed during this time. At present, the programme covers 27 countries in the Western Balkan, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.