Birzeit master’s student, project coordinator wins at Mediterranean Inventors Fair

Atef Shkokani, the project coordinator of Birzeit University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit and a master’s student of business administration, was awarded the top prize at the first Mediterranean Inventors Fair in the category foreign inventor for his invention “CVision.”

Shkokani developed safety technology that can be implemented in modern vehicles to help reduce accidents that tend to occur when mobile phones are used while driving. He obtained a patent for this device and the associated software program in November 2019.

The device provides a visual, and/or audiable alert that turns on when the drivers use their phone. The system can get in contact with the drivers’ family as well to warn them when he/she is using the phone.


Shkokani acquired the award in Tunisia after competing with around 300 participants from Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and France. Twenty-three inventors qualified for the finale in three categories: local individual inventor, local institutional inventor, and foreign inventor.

Shkokani explained that “The idea of CVision was born in 2015, and I was able to complete the project and develop a high-quality program that works with great accuracy. But I am not done yet; I will continue to develop it because it is important for drivers and mobile users.”

Amin Al Ghiryani, one of the jurors at the competition, commented on the contribution of Palestinians to the competition, describing it as distinguished.

Al Ghiryani announced that he is suggesting to declare Shkokani and Asef Atyani, the other participating Palestinian, honorary members of the Tunisian Association for Scientific Research, Innovation and Intellectual Property.