Birzeit Library Launches Open Access Repository, FADA

Birzeit University’s Library recently celebrated  the launch of the open access repository “FADA”,  which housed  online at This new institutional repository will aggregate and disseminate the wealth of scholar knowledge created by the university’s faculty, staff and students.

“FADA” or space in Arabic, welcomes materials of scholarly focused, including published journal articles, working papers, reports, studies, projects, multimedia content and datasets.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman  said that the repository represents the continuing commitment of the university and its libraries to support modern technologies in preserving and sharing notable material.

Main Library director Diana Sayej said that FADA now contains more than 3,200 scholarly works. “Our staff is working on increasing the data uploaded on the repository. Everything is added based on specific terms and regulations that preserve the copyrights of the publisher.”

“The library will conduct regular workshops for our faculty, staff and students to enable them to use FADA effectively and easily,” Sayej continued. “FADA is now an important digital archive to showcase the accomplishments of Birzeit’s community, and we expect that it will grow quickly in size and diversity, which will in turn increase the visibility of the university and its scholars at a wider level.”