Birzeit Launches New Master's Degree in Law and Economics

The Faculty of Law and Public Administration launched on November 19, 2016 a new Master’s degree in Law and Economics that will be offered at the start of the second semester of the academic year 2016/2017.

Dean of Law and Public Administration Yasser Amouri said that this interdisciplinary program will offer broad opportunities. "This new degree brings an opportunity to study two areas of great significance in contemporary society, combining the foundations of law with modules in economics. We seek to develop students' academic capacities and research skills by providing an ideal learning environment for studying these two independent sciences."

Director of the Master Program of Law Mahmoud Dodeen explained the mission and vision of the newly-launched program. "We are dedicated to preparing our students for a successful career, providing a distinguished education in a blended specialization that merges law with economics. This discipline is responsive to the needs of social and economic development, enriches the rule of law, and improves our graduate capacities in research and academy."

Samir Abdallah said that law and economics are today a permanent, institutionalized feature of legal education. The graduates of this program, according to Abdallah, will be able to contribute effectively in the public policymaking process, especially in economic and fiscal arenas, which will help in achieving economic efficiency.

Economics Professor Muhannad Abu Rijeileh emphasized the importance of merging these two academic approaches, a helpful approach for those who work in economic policymaking.

The program is supported by the European Union, which is a long-standing supporter of Birzeit's Law and Public Administration programs.