Birzeit honors participants in “Graduates Fingerprint” campaign

The advancement office at Birzeit University honored the graduates who participated in “Alumni Fingerprints” campaign, with the presence of the university president Dr. Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh.

The campaign aims to let graduates support their fellow colleagues who are financially less fortunate, through allowing the university to kep their insurance deposit of 30 dinars, to be invested in scholarships and grants.

Last year, graduates' donations amounted to a sum enough for three scholarships. More than 300 graduates donated to support their colleagues.

Dr. Abu Hijleh expressed his appreciation to the donors, saying that the university is proud to have its’ graduates caring, donating and investing their time, effort and money to help developing their society.  

The coordinator of the campaign Saja Liftawi assured that the ceremony was held to honor the students’ generous donation that contributed to the success of the campaign for the fourth year in a row, calling on all graduates to continue benefiting their university and colleges.