Biology and Biochemistry Student Participates in Qatar Foundation Research Conference

Birzeit University Biology and Biochemistry Student Amani Hatem Abed participated in the Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference, held on November 24-25, 2013. Amani presented a research paper entitled: "Nutritional quality of grape leaves: a comparison between arid and temperate areas in Palestine.” The research was supervised by professor of biology and biochemistry Jamil Harb.
Abed’s research was supported by Birzeit University Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, as part of a program to support research by undergraduate students.
Regarding the research findings, Abed said, "Grape leaves, as a natural product, can impact lung cancer and some types of harmful bacteria, as [consumption of] these leaves curb the rapid growth of lung cancer cells.”
She added, "Based on these findings, and in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute in Germany, work is ongoing to determine the natural elements of grape leaves of the studied types that may be responsible for controlling the growth of cancer cells."
Abed was invited to publish her research findings in the Qatar Foundation Science Journal.