Bank of Palestine Proposes Opening Branch on Campus

University president Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh met on Thursday, October 1 with a delegation from the Bank of Palestine to discuss the possibility of the bank opening a branch on campus to replace the current office in order to provide more services to students.

Chairman and General Manager of Bank of Palestine Hani Shawa attended the meeting along with Assistant General Manager for West Bank Branches Hani Naser and Head of Marketing and Public Relations Department Thaer Hamayel.

Accompanied by Financial Manager Harbi Daraghmeh, Abu Hijleh praised the efforts of the Bank of Palestine in serving and advancing the Palestinian economy as well as its role in supporting social, academic and development activities, and called for maintaining cooperation between the sides.

Abu Hijleh pointed out the importance of cooperating to advance higher education in Palestine, considering the financial constraints facing most Palestinian universities.

In return, Chairman Shawa commended the superior academic ranking of Birzeit University and the vital role it plays in the Palestinian development process through its diverse academic, research and scientific programs. He affirmed the bank’s ongoing support for all these activities needed to advance Palestinian society and support higher education.

The parties also discussed the possibility of providing graduates with loans to pay for outstanding fees and help them receive their certificates upon graduation.