“B-Hub” to support “Palestinian Development Fund” in business development services

The B-Hub, a new program established by Birzeit University to strengthen local businesses and small enterprises, will support the companies and beneficiaries of the Palestinian Development Fund with business development services (BDS), under the terms of a new agreement signed by University President Abdullatif Abuhijleh, and Chairman of the Palestinian Development Fund Samir Hulileh on October 25.

The signing ceremony was attended by University’s President’s Assistant Aziz Shawabka; Vice President for Planning and Development Mirvat Bulbul; Vice President of Community Affairs Asim Khalil; B-Hub Manager Olga Batran; Director of the Center of Continuing Education Marwan Tarazi; and General Manager of the Palestinian Development Fund Alaa Deeb.

According to the agreement, the B-Hub experts will design and provide business development services to the Palestinian Development Fund companies and beneficiaries to enhance operations and sustainability and create new jobs in the local market. Beneficiaries will have priority in enrollment into any training workshops offered by the B-Hub.

President Abuhijleh said that the B-hub is designed to offer its services to all Palestinian students and local businesses. “We are keen to contribute to developing the skills and competencies of young entrepreneurs, and enabling small companies to build their capacities and find custom solutions to their specific problems or improve operation and grow in an organic local context.”

“Through the expertise, networks, and tools that the B-Hub offers, entrepreneurs will benefit from skills transfer or business advice, which will support the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) development process locally and internationally.”

Hulileh reaffirmed the Fund’s goal to strengthen leadership, innovation, and knowledge transfer in Palestinian society and enhance the role of SMEs, since they provide opportunities for jobs and  stable incomes for Palestinians. 

Hulileh also pointed out that the services that the B-Hub offers are exactly what is missing in Palestine. “We have the potential. Palestinians have innovative ideas and the ability to be creative, but before, we did not have the right place to nurture and evaluate these ideas.”

The B-Hub, funded by the European Union, was launched on October 3, to match students with small enterprises and empower them to strengthen local businesses, improving the employability of university graduates and their readiness for the future.