Argentina Representative Discuss Prospects of Cooperation in Languages

The Deputy Head of the Representative office of Argentina to Palestine Rodrigo Lopez Gadano met on November 5, 2016 with the Director of External Academic Relations Office Dr. Amir Khalil, and the Director of Palestine and Arabic Studies Program Tina Rafidi to explore areas where the two parties might cooperate.

Gadano expressed Argentina’s interest in cooperating with Birzeit University in three parts: establishing an international Arabic Language Exam, exchanging programs for Palestinian Spanish learner, and for Arabic language Argentinian students, and the possibility of translating Argentinian literary work from Spanish to Arabic.

Khalil reaffirmed the university’s mission to empower the field of humanities and languages, not only in Palestine but in the world.  Khalil underscored the university’s commitment to develop people’s knowledge in different languages”. This, according to Khalil, offers a better understanding of societies, cultures and people. It also enhances their ability to communicate with each other more effectively.

Gadano insisted on the importance of having an international proficiency test for non-native Arabic learners. “Language is our primary source of communication. Arabic has grown in importance over the years, as more people now have connections with the Arab world and the Middle East. Therefore, it is required to have an international exam that determines the level of proficiency and provides means for foreigners to improve their language.”

Gadano added that an Arabic international test will develop the recognition of the Arabic language and culture worldwide.  

Rafidi expressed her enthusiasm about Gadano’s suggestions. She assured that the PAS program can be the hub to host the start of this promising cooperation, where it can be then developed with other Arab and International academic peers.