Architecture Students Work to Revive Palestine Heritage

Birzeit University’s architecture faculty and students and 45 Palestinian and international students are participating in a month-long summer course on “Regenerating Palestinian Heritage.”.

The course, which began July 20, is supported by the Belgian Development Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Government. It aims at developing a concrete exercise in spatial planning, urban regeneration and the rehabilitation of historic buildings in selected villages.

Birzeit University students will be working on urban planning and the design of the historic center of Deir Ghassaneh. Conservation and revitalization will underscore their research into regenerating urban fabric in the village.

Birzeit’s participating team includes Department of Architectural Engineering Associate Professor Salem Thawaba, teaching assistants Rula Al Khalili and Ala’ Abu Awwad, and students Rula Hawareth, Amna Kharis, Isra’ Harfoush, Lina Abu Gharbiyeh, Salwa Hussein, Haleema Hamdan, Zaid Kababjeh and Ishraq Awashra.