Architectural Engineering Workshop in Jifna Village

Students from Birzeit University and the University of Graz in Austria participated in a joint workshop in the village of Jifna, exploring ways of improving the rural environment. The workshop was part of the capacity building in rural development project implemented by the Birzeit University Architectural Engineering Department in cooperation with the University of Graz’s Institute of Urban Planning.
The workshop was held from September 21-25, 2013 at the Center of Higher Education in Ramallah and in nearby Jifna village. Ten Birzeit University students in architectural engineering and six students of architecture from the University of Graz worked together on a field analysis.
The students were supervised by professors Samar Nazer, Shaden Qasim, Yazeed Rifai, and Dima Yasser from Birzeit and professors Grigor Doytchinov and Johannes Zancanella from Graz.