Architectural Engineering Department Organizes a Lecture Entitled: "Belgian Experience in Sustainable Planning and Transportation"

The Birzeit University Architectural Engineering Department organized on April 16, 2015 a lecture entitled: "The Belgian experience in sustainable planning and transportation," delivered by the Belgian Minister of Public Works and Transport Pascal Smith and head of spatial planning program in Brussels University Professor Kobe, in which the representative of the United Nations Programme for Human Settlements Frank Dolt, in addition to the director of the national spatial planning Ahmed Saleh. This lecture is part of a lecture series organized by the department in each semester of every academic year.
In his intervention, the Minister Smith reviewed urban planning method that commensurate with human needs to make cities more convenient for pedestrians and cyclists, more than suitable for vehicles.
Professor Kobe talked about the major elements that must be considered during the urban planning process, which is citizens’ easy accessibility to all places, and fair distribution of buildings and facilities, as well as taking into account road safety.
This was followed by a discussion on joint cooperation between the department and the Belgian friends, as well as the Palestinian Ministry of Planning, and to work on developing common ideas within the Strategic Plan of the Palestinian Ministry of Planning and find the appropriate mechanism for implementation with the in support of the Belgian government.