Architectural Engineering Department Escorts Journalists in Hebron

Birzeit University’s Architectural Engineering Department organized on June 5, 2014 a tour for media staff and journalists around the traditional crafts factories and workshop in the historic Palestinian city of Hebron.

The tour sought to acquaint the journalists with the historic value of ancient crafts over the ages.

The visit was an activity of the European Union-funded cultural network project in the Mediterranean basin region to promote innovation in the fields of arts, crafts and creative design.

Project coordinator Shadi Ghadban said, "The project seeks to regain respect for crafts and arts in historic cities in the Mediterranean basin region, and to develop the historical architectural environment that helps to revive these crafts. This two-year project involves seven educational and research institutions in Greece, Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia and Palestine, which is represented by Birzeit University.”

The total budget of the project is approximately two million Euros, of which approximately 12% is allocated to Birzeit University.