Arab-German Academy Seeking Young Researchers

Head of the DAAD Information Center in East Jerusalem Christina Stahlbock and the managing director of the Arab-German Young Academy (AGYA) Sabine Dorpmüller met with university president Abdullatif Abuhijleh, and the director of External Academic Relations Amir Khalil on October 25, 2016.

The university administrators were introduced to AGYA, a bilateral trans-disciplinary academy for research in sciences and humanities, which is seeking to encourage participation from young academics from Birzeit University.

AGYA offers its members an opportunity to develop and implement their projects in the framework of Arab-German research cooperation, which will foster intercultural experience and expand their knowledge in different academic arenas.

According to Dorpmüller, the academy aims to establish a community of outstanding researchers at an early stage in their academic career.  

“We choose to support distinguished young researchers from Germany and the Arab world, and help them engage actively and innovatively in academia and society,” she said.

Associate Professor of Law at Birzeit University Khalid Talahma is the only Palestinian academic that has joined the academy. Dorpmüller said that AGYA needs more Palestinians to apply, especially from Birzeit University.

Calls for new memberships will begin in January 2017.

President Abuhijleh assured that the university will do its best to encourage its young faculty to apply to be members of the academy. “We have a long tradition of involvement with the international community in research. It does not only enrich our academics’ work, but it will impact the visibility and reputation of Birzeit, and empower its academic mission."

Khalil said that research ensures that the work of universities remains responsive to real-world demands. "Research and academic engagement are an important part of academic life at Birzeit. It describes the many innovative ways our academics can and do apply their insights, knowledge and creativity to think about the world's challenges."