Annulling a civil lawsuit in the Palestinian law a lecture organized by the Faculty of Law and Public Administration

The Law Department at the Faculty of law and Public Administration - BZU held on 12 April  2011, a legal  lecture on the "Annulling a civil lawsuit  in the Palestinian law," in which Dr. . Khaled Talahmeh, Professor of Law at the Faculty, and the Judge Abdallah Guzlan from the Palestinian Court of Cassation have participated

Dr. Talahmeh addressed the importance of the topic and to what extent the Palestinian judicial law is facing  problems and obstacles in annulling a civil lawsuit, particularly the provisions of articles 85 and 88 of the Code of Civil and Commercial Procedure No. 2 of 2001. He pointed to the concept and conditions of annulling a civil lawsuit,. 

Judge Guzlan introduced number of applications, through which he explained the provisions of annulling a lawsuit. He added, in the absence of the two parties of the case (the plaintiff and defendant) together, and after were notified of the date for the hearing, the court is entitled to annul the case.

Guzlan explained that if a request for renewal of an annulled court case was submitted after sixty days from the date of cancellation, the judge in this case will set a  date for the hearing and notify the parties.

At the end of the lecture, Judge Guzlan noted that it is a must to link article (88) of the Code of Civil and Commercial Procedures with articles (3, 10) of the Law of regular court fees (1) for the year 2003, showing that the Palestinian legislator had erred when he obliged paying fees for renewing an  annulled case, since renewal of an annulled lawsuit is not subject to a fee.